hawaiian jewelry boutique

Ellemsee Media - Hawaiian Jewelry Boutique
The Challenge
Client: Hawaiian Jewelry Boutique
Category: Brand Identity, Web Design + Management, Photo + Video

The island themed collection is thoughtfully curated to reflect a modern emphasis on the traditional Hawaiian Heirloom style. To establish an initial presence, Hawaiian Jewelry Boutique needed the full package, brand identity, photography, and a website.

Our Solution
  • Brand Identity Development

    We developed a clean and modern style that compliments the brand with its hand selected modern Hawaiian heirloom jewelry pieces.

  • Web Design

    Upon launching, we developed an online presence with the option for e-commerce.

  • Photography + Videography

    To distinguish Hawaiian Jewelry Boutique against other Hawaiian heirloom jewelry manufacturers, we complimented the pieces by integrating the client’s ideas and our creative direction. We used a mix of their models and provided a professional model as well. Each model was provided with wardrobe styling. We produced lifestyle photography, videography, and product photography. All post processing was done through Ellemsee Media.

Ellemsee Media - Hawaiian Jewelry Boutique